Welcome to the Free Personal Constitution Questionnaire

By completing the following chart, you could soon know your own unique Ayurvedic Constitution!

Air (Vata), Fire (Pitta) and Water (Kapha) are the three principles most fundamental to life.  They represent, in order, the cosmic urges to movement, transformation, and stability (cohesion).

According to Ayurveda these are the three forces that govern us.  All individuals are born with a blend of all three in their constitution (Dosha).  By knowing our constitution and its needs we may make better informed decisions for our well being. Once you have taken the Questionnaire and know your dosha, you will be able to use that information to learn more about choosing the foods and herbs that will balance and strengthen you.

How to Complete the Personal Constitution Chart

Print the Personal Constitution Questionnaire PHYSICAL and MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL, making one or two extra copies. Then read each row of choices and put a check in each box which applies to you. There may be more than one in each category which describes  you so choose both, since everyone has some of each Dosha in their Constitution.  If none of the choices in a row apply to you, leave that row blank.

When making your choices, think of life-long tendencies, rather than what may describe you right now. Make your choices without too much deliberation, usually your first response reflects your most genuine evaluation of yourself. Keep in mind that this chart is meant to be a guide, and there are no right or wrong answers!

How to Evaluate the Personal Constitution Chart

Add up the numbers for each Dosha.  The one with the highest number is your predominant Dosha, and the next highest your secondary Dosha.  If your totals are close, do a second evaluation of the choices, this time checking off the ones that describe you some of the time, then add your totals again. The more times you do the questionnaire, the more you develop a sense of the three constitutions. It is helpful if you can do the questionnaire with a supportive friend who knows you well.

When you have finished both sections of the Questionnaire (Physical and Mental/Emotional), you will likely have two predominant Doshas and two secondary Doshas for the Physical and Mental. In other words, you could have a Vata/Kapha body with a Pitta/Vata mind.

Free Personal Constitution Questionnaire:

For the Personal Constitution Questionnaire - PHYSICAL

For the Personal Constitution Questionnaire - MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL