Q. What certification will I receive once finished?

You will receive a Practical Herbalist Certificate.

Q. What qualifies your program?

My program has been running since 1986 and I have taught 100’s of students. I am president of the Modern and Traditional Herbalist Guild of BC. and I am a professional member in good standing of the American Herbalist Guild. I have been a professional herbalist for over40 years.

Q. What certification is currently available for Herbalists?

At this point there is no government body in place for the certification of Herbalists, but there are a number of guilds (nonprofit associations) that support herbalists but have no regulatory power other then what the members choose to give them. Any group can start a nonprofit association.  The association we support in B.C. is the Modern and Traditional Herbalist Guild – of which I’m a founding member. We have in place the necessary level of training for Practical Herbalists. I am also a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, and they have in place the requirements (educational guidelines) for a Registered Herbalist.

Q. How many hours of education does your program provide, working towards fulfilling the AHG’s standards?  I would suppose that 2-3 hours of weekly homework is additional to actual course work or class time?

I will answer these questions together.  If you are a serious student and your aim is to apply for professional status with the AHG then we can negotiate your amount of time accordingly.  A part of this online program is for my thesis for my MA in Environmental Education and Communication at Royal Roads University.  My research included a survey to former graduates of mine and had different options as to length and weekly time commitment.  It came back with the majority wanting 3 hours a week over 9 months.  Many of my students take my program for self development, so this time frame is sufficient. Other students of mine have gone on to become professional members in the AHG.  There is plenty of opportunity to commit extra time to course work and that extra time can be included in your AHG requirements.

Q. Will I have a good working foundational knowledge of herbs after I complete this course?

Yes, you will have a good working foundation of herbs.

Q. How heavy is the course load, as I work during the day? How many hours study time is recommended per week?

Weekly commitment will be  3 – 5 hours.

Q. I have done well with online and distance learning in the past, but is the instruction method primarily through video classes, or notes reading (I suspect both probably)?

The structure is primarily asynchronous to allow maximum amount of student access so they can do the work whenever and progress at their own speed.  Some students are morning people and some are night people.  Some students only have certain times available. Some students are on fire and have the time while others may have the fire but lack the time to move ahead. That is why I am structuring the program to be finished in 6 months.   I will try synchronous webinars during the pilot. A survey I conducted suggested students would prefer both asynchronous and synchronous.  My experience as an online student and online teacher found synchronous much more difficult to organize because everyone needs to be at the same place at the same time.  The webinars will be taped for students who miss them.  We will evaluate during the pilot.

Q. How are examinations held? 

There will only be a couple of exams and they will be administered online.

Q. Are there extra books recommended or needed for this program?

No, only Pathways to Healing, a Guide to Herbs, Ayurveda, Dreambody and Shamanism. There will be a list of recommended books in the program modules. This may change over time.

Q. Is the program something that I can go on when there is a space in my schedule and then move to the next model at my own pace?

A. Yes, the course will be asynchronous so you can work on the lessons at anytime from anywhere.

Q. Will you be speaking and explaining process?

A. Yes, I will offer some synchronous sessions. If students are not able to be there live they will be taped for the student’s convenience.

Q. What is the withdrawal clause in case I find the program is not for me?

Once you have access to the online program you are committed.  After decades of teaching I know that the value is there.  Serious personal emergencies will be negotiated on a one to one basis and arrangements may be made to continue in the future.

Q. I’m also wondering if there is any face time in the course?

There will not be face to face included in the online program but there will probably be an opportunity for local students to participate in some face to face weekends as a separate weekend workshops.

Q. Will there be an on-line space where we can discuss and share our experiences/questions etc… with other students in the class?

There will be lots of opportunity for discussion and sharing our experiences/questions.


If you have any other questions feel free to email healing@herbalhealingpathway.com or call 250-592-7544.